HSU Summer Camps

Hardin-Simmons offers a variety of summer camps to help students learn athletic skills, improve music skills, and provide challenge and enrichment for students who are advanced and gifted learners.

Finance and Investment Camp

This camp is for high school juniors & seniors interested in learning more about finance and investing. Classes cover subjects in personal finance, real estate, stocks, bonds, mergers and acquisitions, trusts, and entrepreneurship. The cost is $50 which will include lunch and a binder of materials. Teachers are business professors at Hardin-Simmons University.

Athletics Camps

HSU Athletics teaches courses every summer to kids from kindergarten through 12th grade in day or overnight camps. Soccer, softball, basketball, football, tennis, and volleyball camps are designed to teach everything from the basics to advanced skills that may someday see your student become an HSU Cowboy or Cowgirl! For more information view the Athletics Summer Camps website.

Summer Swim Camps

HSU offers affordable swimming camps designed to for people from 6 months old to 99 years old! Various courses teach students to be comfort